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Daraa Mosaic 2019 - Coverage

Images populated from "https://test.cubewerx.com/Daraa_sources/Daraa_mosaic_2019/".

Collection ID: Daraa_mosaic_2019
Domain Set
Extent And Resolution:
Coordinate Reference System: WGS 84 (http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/4326)
Lat: 32.50426061084722 to 32.72028872300039 degrees (4.41802384917601e-06 degrees per pixel)
Long: 35.99601745605469 to 36.25934740594656 degrees (5.193065194680508e-06 degrees per pixel)
Number Of Pixels: 50708 × 48897 (Long × Lat)
Raster Space: PixelIsArea
This coverage is too large to download online. Consider adding subsetting and/or scaling parameters to decrease the size of the coverage, or adding a "responseHandler" parameter to request offline preparation of the coverage.
Range Type
Field 1:
ID: 1
Description: Red channel
Type: unsigned integer
Field 2:
ID: 2
Description: Green channel
Type: unsigned integer
Field 3:
ID: 3
Description: Blue channel
Type: unsigned integer
Field 4:
ID: alpha
Description: Alpha channel (0=transparent, 255=opaque)
Type: unsigned integer